7 Steps to Coach Yourself in 2012

When it comes to reaching life goals, there’s nothing like having a professional coach working with you to achieve success.

But it is essential to at least have a fully worked out plan if you want to get where you want to be.

Here are 7 steps to get your plan sorted and get it into action:

1.Want went well in 2011?
Write down every significant thing you achieved in 2011. Really enjoy the feeling that these successes give you!

2. What didn’t go well in 2011?
Write down what didn’t go so well in 2011. Don’t beat yourself up about these things – just stick to the facts.

3. What do you want for 2012?
Write down the big things that you want for the year ahead. Include achievements across all areas of your life.

4. Create a Vision Board
A Vision Board is a poster board (such as a cork board) where you paste/pin up a collage of inspiring images that are linked to your dreams, desires and goals. You could cut out pictures from magazines or print out images from the web or even draw pictures yourself. Anything goes here but keep the imagery rich and resonant. Put your vision board in a prominent place.

5. Goalise it!
For every significant thing you want for 2012, develop a fully written goal. Your written goal should be specific, have an ‘achieve by’ date, detail how you will track progress, be realistically achievable and relevant to the life you want and describe what resources and support you will draw from.

6. Action Plan
This bit’s really important! For each goal and write down everything that needs to happen for you to achieve that goal. What have you learned that you can now bring to bear to ensure you reach that goal? Be as detailed as you can be.

7. Review
Review your goals daily and refine them as required.


Have a very happy, fun and abundant 2012, wherever you are and wherever you want to be.

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