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I  was recently interviewed about personality types from an NLP perspective by Wales’ national newspaper.

Personality theory is complex but it can be useful to explore ‘personality groups’ as a way of understanding each other (and ourselves) a bit better. This comes with a bit of a warning: a person is not their personality group! 

In NLP we talk about Metaprogrammes – these are essentially ways of doing, thinking and being that we have developed, individually, over the course of our lives.

We also talk about Values (things that are important to us) and Beliefs (what we think is true in order to protect our values).

It’s these aspects of ourselves (as well as others) that interact to inform the unique personality that we project out to the world.

In the article (see link below) , an introduction to personality is discussed as a starting point to explore what makes us tick and why some people grate on us whilst others are a pleasure to be around. Understanding difference and building Rapport skills helps us to relate to people better and create a more fulfilling experience.


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