About NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a body of knowledge and a set of ‘thinking and doing’ tools distilled from a wide range of disciplines about how the human mind works. We can use this knowledge and these skills to get the most from our lives, understand others better, communicate effectively and achieve our goals.

Neuro: The mind and how it works

Linguistic: Language -what is behind it and how it affects our lives

Programming: Our internal programming is made up of thinking patterns that determine how we behave, make decisions, and learn. We can learn and unlearn thinking patterns to improve our experience of life

NLP was defined in the 1970′s but draws from previous knowledge and is continuing to evolve through new research. It is a great way to help people bring choice into their lives and choose the life that they want to live. It is not prescriptive, didactic or invasive. It puts you in the driving seat. NLP is like the windows, mirrors, dashboard and controls of a car – it allows you to see the world around you so you navigate the best way.

At the heart of NLP is the study of excellence. NLP techniques have arisen from studying excellence in fields as diverse as personal development, communication, education, business, health, relationships, the arts, sports and parenting.