How I Can Help

I offer a range of NLP services to help you with the following:

Anxiety, Stress & Emotional Issues
Whether you’re stressed with work, exams, personal circumstances or relationships, I can help you break the cycle with tools that you can learn to use yourself.

Personal Change
If you’re looking to step up a level, have a change of direction or are looking for a complete transformation I can help you get clarity on what you want and take positive steps to achieve your personal breakthrough.

Confidence Boosting
Help with general confidence issues, assertiveness and public speaking.

Presentation & Communication Skills
Find your voice and learn to use it well. Also learn the secrets of effective communication for working one-to-one, or with a small group or large audience.

Business, Management & Leadership Support
Coaching on the skills and approaches that matter most to you as an aspiring or seasoned leader.

Fears & Phobias
Are any fears or phobias getting in the way of you leading a full life? Overcome them, whether they be of creepy crawlies, travel, dentists or whatever else.

Relationship Problems
Help to re-establish good relationships with your partner, friends, family or work colleagues.

Creativity & Learning
Help to get your creative juices flowing and to maximise your learning potential.


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