Working Together

My approach is collaborative and flexible so that we can get the best outcomes from the session.

NLP is designed to be fast acting and you may only require one or two sessions, although for bigger transformations and ongoing development, further sessions may be required. We can discuss your personalised plan at the first appointment.

I work mainly with adults but also see younger people over 12 (who must be accompanied by their registered guardian).

We’ll get through a lot during each appointment and take things at a pace that feels right to you. Sessions are designed to be enjoyable as well as productive.

I can work face-to-face on a one-to-one basis and can also conduct sessions by phone or webcam.  I’m also able to offer couple or group sessions.


What are the NLP sessions like?

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs. They usually last about an hour although longer sessions can be booked if needed.

During the appointment we’ll discuss where things are for you right now and want you want to achieve. We’ll then explore options and get absolutely clear on the direction you want to take. I use a number of tools and techniques to help you get clarity on your next steps, whether these are to do with your emotional or physical world (or, as i often the case, both).

Then the exciting bit happens: we start with the change work. Depending on what you want to achieve, I will facilitate the NLP change work in a way that’s comfortable for you. This may include:

  • exploring your mindsets and making mindshifts
  • light movement techniques
  • floorwork
  • NLP hypnosis